Bracket 2/20/2017


The bottom of the bubble is a wreck, I am not going to waste anyone’s time talking about teams on the bubble. Syracuse needs to just not suck and they’ll get in.

Mail bag:

Is Baylor still on track for a 1 seed?  (@astem00)

They’ll control their own destiny as a 1 seed, but they’ve slipped after choking at home to Kansas. They still have plenty of time, but the difference between a 1 and a 2 is minuscule for them as I anticipate they’ll be in the South Region and Tulsa regardless.

Follow up question from @astem00, how would you rank the teams vying for the last number 1 seed?

North Carolina, Baylor, Louisville, Oregon, and Arizona in that order.

The interesting scenario will come down to if both Louisville and North Carolina/Louisville win their conference tournaments what will happen. I think Kansas is a relatively safe lock at a 1 seed at this point, so a lot will ride on who beats who in the conference tournament.

What is the best way to seed the teams? (@utr_brett)

With all the seeding rules, it is best to start with a true 1-68 seed list.

I use current RPI to select my 32 “Conference Champions”

I then use a mixture of RPI, the RegionRat14 eye test, and head to head or common opponents to select the best 36 teams remaining.

After I “select” the 68 teams, I use the same principles to rank them 1 to 68.

Remember, the first four teams in a conference must be seeded in separate regions if they are a top 4 seed.

The top 4 seeds in each region remain truly seeded, so it is best to seed each regions top 4 seeds.

I then assign regions by nearest site for teams in order of 1-16 (top four seeds in each region) on the true seed list, this will allow you to seed 5=16 for each region in a more geographical fashion.

I will then take the 5 seeds and put them in their nearest pod as long as it doesn’t violate any bracket rules. Then the 6 seeds and so on and so on.

The NCAA would like to contain a competitive balance, so on the true seed list, they’d like each region to add up to between 580-590, but this usually will work itself out.

If Missouri won the SEC Tournament, what would their seed be? (@tom_tom573)

It’s hard to guess where a team like Missouri/DePaul/Rutgers/Boston College/Oregon State would be seeded, but you would imagine they would add 2 if not 3 quality wins to their resumes. Considering this would significantly boost their RPI, I think they would get seed as a 14.

Thanks for playing, if you have questions tweet @regionrat14





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