Bracket 3/6/2017


First Teams Out: Rhode Island, Iowa, Kansas State, California, Illinois

Illinois State is right now my second to last team to sneak in the tournament, it’s a shame because I think they should get in over the like of Wake Forest, USC, Syracuse, and the under achieving Power Conferences.

Big East: Right now the Big East has 7 teams in. Not. Going. To. Happen. Look for that to dwindle to five or 6 as they currently have 4 of the final 7 at large bids. The league has a great team, a fairly good team, a good team, and a bunch of average teams. @robertoneill31 if you’re reading this I am not sorry.

Big Ten: Who’s going to make a run? Iowa? Illinois? If Indiana or Ohio State makes a deep run are they dead? Iowa/Illinois need two wins, the other would need to play in the conference championship to sniff the bubble. In a weird if not weak Big 10, will there be a glass slipper or two?

Big 12: Kansas/Baylor could play for a one seed, Kansas State will be playing for their tournament life and their coaches job.

ACC: YAWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! I don’t think 10 teams get in when it comes down to it, Syracuse or Wake Forest is razor close and both can play their way in or out, Louisville/North Carolina will be playing near home in the big dance, again yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

PAC 12: Oregon, UCLA, and Arizona will all look to improve their seed. California needs two wins to get in. Utah, a team off everyone’s radar, is a win over Cal and Oregon from having a very strong argument to grab a spot.

SEC: Kentucky will be a 2 seed, they’ll play in Indianapolis and then either Memphis or Kansas City, that’s fairly anticlimactic. Vanderbilt needs to beat Texas A&M and then I think Florida to be a lock, if they beat A&M and avoid getting blown out by the Gators, they have a punchers chance.

Mail Bag: 

Who was the hardest team to gauge this season? @utr_brett

It always comes down to the team that has a star getting injured, this year that team was Creighton. After Maurice Watson Jr. went down with a torn ACL, there was concern if Creighton would be able to hang on to a tournament slot. They’re currently slotted as a 6 seed because I don’t think the committee still knows what to really make of them, their tournament seed could go anywhere from 4-9 based on the conference tournament.

Does Monmouth have a chance to make the tournament? @tom_tom573

No, maybe the question is should they? Should we max out the amount of teams that make the tournament from a particular conference? If 6 teams was the maximum, it’d open mid-majors like Monmouth to make a run. I am not suggesting they do such a thing, but it’d be interesting.




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