2/3/2020 Bracket

bracket 232020


It is good to be back! What started out as a fun hobby taking Joe Lunardi’s old Bracketology Class (I have a certificate form St. Joe’s to prove it) has turned into a way for me to stay informed about basketball across the division I landscape. This year, I didn’t know Merrimack was a real school until they beat Northwestern. I quickly forgot they existed until I realized they’re in first place in the Northeast Conference. How cool is college basketball?!

Controversial picks?

Duke as a 1 seed. Remember, this isn’t who I think is a better team, it’s who I think the committee will make a 1 seed. Now, I do think San Diego state is better off being the number 2 seed in the West compared to the 1 seed in the south, because playing in Sacramento beats playing in Tampa for obvious reasons.

Tulsa sneaking into the field! The Golden Hurricanes have won 6 in a row, including wins over tournament teams Houston, Memphis (by 40), and against Wichita State at the buzzer on Saturday. This may be a short lived bracket appearance for the Golden Hurricanes, but for a team that hasn’t been dancing since being the most controversial selection ever (literally this isn’t a debate) in 2016, it should be fun.

Q and A

Juan – @BearsFanatico94

How does Kobe King’s sudden departure impact Wisconsin’s tournament resume?
Answer: The committee will consider King’s departure as a season ending injury. The rest of the season will be crucial for the Badgers. A steady flow of losses could doom them and a team that is able to right the ship will keep the Badgers resume a strong one. The Badgers are far from a lock, as they are 16 teams away from missing the tournament in my latest bracket. This doesn’t take into account the roughly 4-6 bids that will be stolen in conference tournaments. With the amount of upsets in 2019-2020 so far, would it be shocking if even 8 teams stole bids? That would put the Badgers squarely on the bubble, any slip up could doom them.


What’s Illinois’s seed if they go 8-1 the rest of the way with a B10 tourney title

Answer: This is a tough question to ask, because there are a lot of moving parts. However, I think the Fighting Illini could cap out on the two seed line with enough movement from the top lines. This isn’t to say this will be easy, winning 8 of 9 games won’t be easy in the toughest conference in college basketball, but that is also why they have so much upside on their seed line.

Eric – @2ELee – How many valley teams are dancing this year?

Answer: Whoever wins the Valley is probably going stag. For the Valley to have a shot at being a multi-bid league, Northern Iowa would have to go on a serious run to end the regular season. Anything more than 1 more MVC loss will all but eliminate their at large dreams. Then, the Valley would have to hope Northern Iowa made a run to the conference championship and lose on Sunday morning to a good Bradley/Loyola/Southern Illinois team.  The Valley would also need help from the stronger teams in mutli-bid leagues to take care of business. Count me out on the Valley champ from getting a dancing partner, but just because you go alone doesn’t mean you can’t kill it on the dance floor.



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