Bracket 1/15/2018

Woooohoooooooooooooooooo First bracket of the 2017-18 season! Well here we are and here we go for the next seven Mondays and then Selection Sunday I will release my updated bracket. THE BUBBLE IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC!!!!!!!! That is the only comment necessary for this weeks bracket. For all future questions on any teams or what bracketology … More Bracket 1/15/2018

Bracket 3/6/2017

First Teams Out: Rhode Island, Iowa, Kansas State, California, Illinois Illinois State is right now my second to last team to sneak in the tournament, it’s a shame because I think they should get in over the like of Wake Forest, USC, Syracuse, and the under achieving Power Conferences. Big East: Right now the Big … More Bracket 3/6/2017


The First 6 out. California, TCU, Wake Forest, Rhode Island, Illinois, Georgia Tech Yes, Illinois and Gather Ye Wins are on the bubble. What mid-majors stand a chance of an at-large bid without winning conference tourney? St. Mary’s, Cinci, and SMU are all but locks. VCU/Dayton should both get in, they play each other Wednesday … More 2/27/2017

Bracket 2/20/2017

The bottom of the bubble is a wreck, I am not going to waste anyone’s time talking about teams on the bubble. Syracuse needs to just not suck and they’ll get in. Mail bag: Is Baylor still on track for a 1 seed?  (@astem00) They’ll control their own destiny as a 1 seed, but they’ve … More Bracket 2/20/2017

Bracket 2/14/17

Yes, yes, yes…. A website called Mondays Are For Bracketology with the first post on a Tuesday. Whatever, it’s fine and be nice it’s Valentines Day right? To save time, I am going to use my Excel Sheet version of a bracket.  It’ll make sense, trust me.   Illinois State, Indiana, and Tennessee are my … More Bracket 2/14/17